Rescura: Rethinking Emergency Resuscitation​

BVM, AMBU, bag, manual resuscitators go by many different names. And manual resuscitators save lives, but haven’t been improved much in 60 years. Resuscitator use has been known to cause wrist and hand injuries to clinicians, barotrauma in patients, overventilation, vomiting, and otherwise improper ventilation, as well as inadequate mask seals, and a lot of time spent in training and retraining for resuscitators that ask too much of the clinicians who employ them.

Automatic emergency resuscitation from Rescura is here to rethink that process. With it’s new, smart sensing technology, Rescura AR knows when to deliver breath, how hard, and how frequently. Rescura takes the guesswork out of resuscitation, freeing clinicians to focus on the patient. This means the end of repetitive stress hand and arm injuries, barotrauma, overventilation, and otherwise improper ventilation. Rescura also helps address mask seal problems, making emergency resuscitation easier than ever, and putting a new tool in the hands of clinicians to help them deliver high quality resuscitation support, every time. Let’s see how it works.

The Rescura AR is designed for everyone. Automatic mode adjusts settings to provide safe and effective rescue breathing. It’s similar to an AED for ventilation. And manual mode allows experts to adjust key breathing parameters. Rescura starts in emergency resuscitation, or automatic mode. The Rescura AR is easy to use in emergencies and ready to go within seconds, with almost no setup or extensive training required. Any button press jump starts the system within three seconds. The Rescura AR is smart and can sense when there is no tube, mask, or patient, then provide clear onscreen and spoken instructions. Rescura AR automatically starts in child mode, providing lower pressures that are safe for children and adults. Even adults receive positive pressure ventilation support when in child mode. Switching to adult mode provides higher pressures and lower respiratory rates appropriate for adults. Experienced clinicians can adjust settings by pressing on the Auto button and switching to manual mode. Enable Automatic settings at any time and defaults will be immediately restored.

Once in manual mode, experienced users can select a breathing parameter then adjust with the control dial. Rescura supports machine-triggered breathing, and patient-triggered breathing. Rescura is battery powered, and can also be operated from wall power too. Rescura is a reliable automatic resuscitator that can be used for emergency resuscitation and for supporting patients during transport or procedure use.

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